Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre
A novel approach to treating patients with uncommon and advanced cancers
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We’re a nation wide network of cancer research and treatment centres that delivers genomic cancer medicine clinical trials. We are using molecular screening for the prevention and treatment of cancer.


Bringing together clinicians, researchers, government and industry to deliver genomic cancer medicine clinical trials to Australians with rare, less common and early-onset cancers


Patient Support & Advocacy

Providing support and advocacy for patients. With Rare Cancer Australia we support patients making decisions about participating in an AGCMC Program. This includes support in the form of telephone support, transport and accommodation for people on trials. Together we develop information and other materials for patients and carers, and advocate for these patients and their priorities.

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Bringing genomic cancer medicine home

The Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Program, an innovative program of screening and clinical trials for people with rare and uncommon cancers, will receive $50 million in Australian Government funding over five years to expand nationally.

Ground breaking trial brings personalised treatments to those with rare cancers

An innovative suite of clinical trials, matching therapies with individuals on the basis of genetic information, could one day hold the key to rare and uncommon cancers and give hope to patients who have exhausted other treatment options.

Access to clinical trials crucial for Australians living with rare or uncommon cancers

Neglected Cancers Awareness Week - an important week where we call on government, corporations, and the community at large to place a greater focus on less common, but high-mortality cancers – the ‘neglected’ cancers.

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