MoST - Participation in clinical trials is associated with better outcomes. People with less common cancers have little access to standard clinical trials because they are not financially feasible to run for a small numbers of patients with one ‘rare’ cancer or another. We are turning this paradigm on its head by screening these patients and looking at the profile of their cancer, not where it came from, to identify if there is a therapy that might make a difference.
RisC and SMOC+ - We are also looking at profiling people under 40 with cancer, or multiple primary cancers. RiSc and SMOC+ have already identified cancers at an earlier, curable stage.


Molecular Screening & Therapeutics study


Genetic Cancer Risk in the Young study


Surveillance study in Multi-Organ Cancer prone syndromes

Our Team

Dr Mandy Ballinger

Group Leader - Genetic Cancer Risk at the Garvan Institute

Dr Lucille Sebastian

Program manager at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre

Dr Vera Terry

Deputy CEO