The MoST study uses the power of genomic technology to characterise molecular changes in a patient’s cancer that may help to identify a targeted therapy.
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The study has two stages:
Stage 1
Molecular Screening Molecular screening means looking for changes in the DNA (the chemical structure that carries genetic information and makes up genes) or proteins of tumour tissue.

Stage 2
Clinical trials Patients who have any one of a range of molecular characteristics identified during molecular screening (stage 1) may be eligible to access treatment in a MoST clinical trial (stage 2).  For around 20% of patients, this is the case.

Who can participate in MoST?
Patients with advanced cancer with little or no further treatment options available, and who are fit enough to undergo experimental therapy, can participate. The treating oncologist assesses eligibility, completes the MoST referral forms and supplies relevant information.   

What does participation involve?    
For patients      ·     
-Discussing the study with the MoST team(telephone or face to face)·     
-Consenting to access to samples held by pathology centres    
- Consenting to access to medical records
-Donating a blood sample·     
- Completing questionnaires

For referring oncologists
- Completing the MoST referral forms·
- Supplying histopathology report·     
-Receiving results of molecular screening and discussing options with the patient·     
- Referring to MoST clinical trial (if appropriate) 
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